McCaw Family Praise God For Continued Blessings

The McCaw family praise God for continued blessings as they serve with the Belfast City Mission. Ahoghill family, Paul, Lorraine, Cameron and Caleb McCaw are looking forward to summer time at the BCM Hall in Mayo Street.
In the following article the family praise God for his goodness to them over the last few months. They also look forward to seeing him move during the summer months.

McCaw Family Praise God For Continued Blessings
They write:
HOPE is the central theme in Romans. Testing results in HOPE (5v4); we are saved in HOPE (8v24); we are joyful in HOPE (12v12); we draw HOPE from the Scriptures in the trials of life (15v4) and our lives can overflow with HOPE through the power of the Holy Spirit (!5v13).

At Mayo Street BCM we HOPE to get more people into a Sunday evening service; we HOPE to get good weather for our Summer Kids Club; we HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, but the only HOPE we can be sure of is the HOPE we have in the Lord and it is only through this HOPE that we can serve the Lord, as we do.

In April and May, we had all our end of year trips and events. These were well attended and enjoyed by all ages. You may have saw photos on Facebook. There will be lots more added to our website very soon, so please check them out.
The next few months will be quieter in some ways, with less on in the hall, but preparations will be taking place for everything starting back in September.

Summer Kids Club – 30th July to 3rd August 2018

We are also preparing for our Summer Kids Club week. This will be from Monday 30th July until Friday 3rd August 2018. We have a great team coming along to help us out for the week. This is a great blessing from God and the only way our event could take place.

Thank you for all for your continued prayerful support as we serve the Lord in Mayo Street. These last few months have been difficult for us, as a family, and we really value your prayers. Thank you also to those who support us financially. God’s provision for us is amazing!

As the McCaw family praise God for continued blessings, here are some points for praise and prayer.

Praise Points
Praise God for all the children and parents who we have been in contact with this year!
Praise God for provision to fund each trip!

Prayer Points
Pray for Summer Kids Club team, plans, preparations, safety, attendance etc.
Pray for new ideas for things starting back in September.
Pray for rest and relaxation when our family holidays come around!

Find out what’s happening at the Belfast City Mission’s Mayo Street Hall on their website or find them on Facebook here.