Royal Air Force Exhibition at St Anne’s Cathedral

A fascinating exhibition of memorabilia is on display at the Royal Air Force Exhibition at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast. This exhibition is celebrating 100 years of the RAF.

Royal Air Force Exhibition at St Anne's Cathedral

Highlights include a restored Nash & Thompson FN 4A Turret and the propeller of a Spitfire.
Among the RAF uniforms on display are a ground crew uniform from the Middle East Campaign. A pair of 1940’s pattern battle dress jackets, one male, one female. These were worn by local people who saw active service during World War Two. Also an officer pattern service dress (or No 1) dress jacket worn by Flight Lieutenant Graham from Lisburn who received a variety of honours and awards.

There is the photo diary of Lieutenant A Erwin, 58th Squadron, and a selection of recovered aircraft parts. These include a fragment of a propeller, a compass and a pilot’s head cushion. Another cabinet holds items including a blind flying panel, an RR Merlin engine cylinder and a gun sight.
Visitors can browse a collection of medals, water bottles, flying goggles, an airman’s clothing ration ticket & many other historic items.

You can read the story of the Donegal Spitfire which crashed into a bog in 1941 and was only recovered in 2011. Learn too the story of the Monaghan Spitfire. It was excavated from a field in Emyvale, Co Monaghan, in May 2017 having been there since it crashed in 1942.

Royal Air Force Exhibition at St Anne's Cathedral

This Royal Air Force Exhibition at St Anne’s Cathedral celebrates 100 years of the RAF. It runs until 6th May 2018.

This exhibition has been compiled by the Royal Air Force with items provided by War Years Remembered and The Somme Association. Also The Ulster Aviation Society and Mr Jonny McNee, a Second World War Aviation Researcher.
It will run until 6th May 2018 and forms part of the centenary celebrations of the RAF. These include a service of commemoration taking place in Belfast Cathedral on Sunday 29th April at 3.30pm.
The Cathedral’s normal admission fees apply throughout the period of the exhibition.