Annual Tearfund Walk at Shanes Castle, Antrim

The annual Tearfund Walk at Shanes Castle in Antrim is happening this year on Friday 18th May 2018.

Annual Tearfund Walk at Shanes Castle, Antrim

Local Tearfund representative, Gareth Williams revealed why this five-kilometre walk is so important.
He said: “We’re hoping to raise £20,000 to help a remote community in Nepal, but we need your help to do this. Following an earthquake in 2015 many remote areas have struggled to recover.”

“Sabal is 37 and lives in the remote region of Dhaubadi. There are just 32 houses in his village and it cannot be reached by car. Most of the villagers, like Sabal, depend on subsistence farming. Sabal had 17 goats but nine of his goats died due to an unknown disease – he lost the equivalent of about £519. This was a huge amount of money for Sabal. He was afraid of losing more goats to disease, and so immediately sold another six, even though the price was low. Sabal is just one example of how vulnerable these people are”, added Gareth.

Tearfund is committed to helping this community – with your help. Following the earthquake many lost their homes, land was swept away, disease took crops and livestock. Tearfund is not just helping the recovery but also equipping and preparing the community for future disasters.

Why not go walking at the Annual Tearfund Walk at Shanes Castle, Antrim? Sponsorship cards are now available.

Encouraging at many people as possible to dig out their walking boots, Gareth appealed:
“Please plan to join us on Friday 18th May 2018. Sponsorship cards are available. We will be there from 10:00am until dusk, with the barbecue on from lunchtime.”

To read more about Tearfund’s annual walk at Shanes Castle visit their blog here.
Please get in touch for sponsorship cards. You can contact Gareth Williams on 07729119314 or by email: